SES Control

Full service package which includes Microserver - device for measurement reading, and Platform - system for collecting measurement data and analysing the results.

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This is the heart of our system. It provides monitoring of electrical network parameters, temperature measurement and monitoring of equipment operation.

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Our web-based application, which is responsible, among others, for data visualization, consumption and costs summary, consumption thresholds alerts, reporting.

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Analytics BI

It supports the analysis and visualization of multiple data sources. Online presentation of multi-dimensional reports, forecasts of consumption and budgets.It supports the analysis and visualization of multiple data sources. Online presentation of multi-dimensional reports, forecasts of consumption and budgets.

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SES Control - MicroServer
measuring and monitoring energy consumption.

Reading and recording measurements.

Measurements of temperature, humidity and electrical parameters.

Easy acces to data

Possibility of checking real-time measurements and controlling the operation of devices.



Recording measurements with an accuracy of milliseconds.


Power guard warning against exceeding the maximum values.

Experience and proven effectiveness

We monitor the energy consumption of our customers since 2008

How we help to save your money?

The reduction of unnecessary use of lighting and other electrical loads, for example using partial, night or service lighting can significantly reduce costs without decreasing the comfort of facilities usage. The previous implementation of the SES Control® allowed its users to significantly reduce spending on media.


SES Control Platform
Clear data visualization online


The SES Control Platform is a web application that allows you to present the measurements gathered by SES Control MicroServer.

Cost control

Convert the wasted energy into the real costs and start to control them.

Solution to the problems

Once you know which way your money is running off you can easily optimize the operation of devices and start saving.

SES Control Platform provides access to the graphical presentation and interpretation of measurement results enabling optimal scheduling of equipment work.

We combine data from different sources

The full view of the situation allows you to become more efficient


Sample data

  • data from SES Control MicroServer
  • lighting power
  • outside temperature
  • invoices for energy consumption

In-depth analysis

Reports from SES Control Platform can be deepen by BI analytics. The group of experts will advise you how best to optimize the energy consumption without decreasing the comfort of facilities usage.


SES Control BI Analytics
intelligent data analysis

Case study

After closing the facilities

Monthly summaries of electricity consumption in commercial facilities. Conclusions from the analyses: high energy consumption at outstanding facilities should be verified, particularly those with high consumption outside working hours.

Case study

Air-conditioning in winter and during summer

Energy consumption in HVAC circuits in commercial facilities in the months from January to May, depending on the outside air temperature. Conclusions from the analyses: air conditioning in the winter consumes months as much energy as during the spring - the HVAC automation should be adjusted.

Case study

Saving policy

Comparison of energy consumption in the past two years at the chosen commercial facility. Conclusions from the analyses: the energy consumption in the last two years has been at a similar level, although the saving policy introduced in May has brought the required results.

Case study

Non-working days

Daily overall electricity consumption in the selected commercial facility within three years. Conclusions from the analyses: workers do not always remember to turn off some of the electric receivers in days off work.

Examples of projects

  • A chain of
    electronics stores
  • the customer has already installed measuring system of another company, but was not satisfied with the service
  • collection of measurement data to the SDC database
  • periodic analyses
  • A chain of
    clothing stores
  • installation, configuration and launching the SES Control device at facilities
  • visualization of energy consumption in electrical circuits - HVAC, lighting and other electrical load
  • notifications of events such as exceeded consumption, loss of consumption
  • personalized reports
  • BI analytics - verification of energy consumption in relation to other factors, such as invoices for electricity, weather, store area
  • A chain of
    large-format stores
  • installation of measuring devices throughout the country
  • access to the reporting SES Control Platform
  • BI analytics


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